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Mexican Gifts: Oaxacan Handcrafted Shirts

Oaxaca, Mexico is a fascinating place to visit with more than one main attraction. More commonly known for its culinary marvels and rich biodiversity, it has something up it’s sleeve that wows all kinds of people around the world: beautiful Mexican gifts such as their handcrafted textiles and clothing.

A state proud of their history and heritage, Oaxaca is home for 18 indigenous groups who maintain their traditions and languages – Zapotecs and Mixtecs being the most talked about. And it’s because of those traditions that they are on the lead in the production of handcrafts! There are entire towns dedicated to the production of amazing handcrafted Mexican products, in this case, we have beautiful textile men shirts that will make for a very original and precious Mexican gift.

In the central valleys of Oaxaca you can find Mitla, where tradition and cultural values give a non-tangible quality to the handicraft production of textiles. By pedal and back –using strap looms, one of the oldest forms of weaving to make their clothing– with all natural dyes for the most part, they create elegant and fresh shirts; the craft that goes into them is truly to be respected and admired for its work and meaning.

The intricate mosaic patterns on them mirror the ones you can find at their ruins in their archeological site which is like no other. These patterns have a meaning that some believe to be related to the 13 heavens of the Zapotec legends.

Artisans are more than happy and proud to keep this form of art alive; and by buying, wearing or gifting these handcrafted Mexican shirts you get to be a part of this tradition and history as well as supporting families of hardworking indigenous groups who share their culture every time someone puts their work of art on.

Contact us to get your hands on a piece of Mexican textile art from Oaxaca. A handcrafted, fresh, stylish & unique Mexican gift.